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or feel free to call and/or text us at 828-393-5153. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.     
That's right no stupid contact forms you will get a response from a real person.   We also love feedback, ideas, and if there's a product we don't have that you want us to try to get let us know and we will do our best to make that happen!

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SHIPPING: (where we invested alot of our time and money)

We provide you with the most accurate up to date commercial discounted shipping rates!  When you check out, the rates you see are the business discounted rates coming directly from the shipping carriers based on the exact weight and size of package that will be shipped. Because some actions figures are light weight even though they cost more. We pass this savings on to YOU!!  The more you tend to buy the more economical the shipping tends to be. No more price based shipping where you pay too much based on the price of the figure not the actual weight.  *if you don't see any USPS rates come up it means their system is down you can contact us or try back later*

We also personally hate receiving damaged shipments as much as you so we don't use cheapo shipping materials! Quality 200lb test shipping boxes, combinations of industrial 1/2" thick bubble wrap, Air fill bubbles, and highly accurate calculated box dimensions ensure your stuff is safely and securely packaged and protected from crazy postal workers!!

Because of this we guarantee our shipments to you! If the product gets damaged in shipping, contact us and see our hassle free 30 day Return Policy. We will do what it takes to make things right!  After your happy, we will find and use force lightning on which ever shipping carrier damaged your precious cargo!

****** Keep in mind that we don't guarantee our products are mint condition due to some of them actually coming directly from the manufacturer with occasional box defects or slight bends in packaging being how they actually made the product. 
If however the boxes is completely bashed in or products broken due to shipping we will gladly make this right for you! *******
If your unhappy with the purchase either way still email us at